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Pulsating Tinnitus And Headaches

Written By: admin - Sep• 16•12

A person must be informed that tinnitus is not an illness but a culprit of an underlying disease in the system. The annoying sounds of tinnitus could always keep a person from having a normal living. The ringing, buzzing, hissing, booming, and humming sound could affect a person from doing his regular work. That is why there are easy to follow Tinnitus remedies to address such annoying sounds from within for a better living.

What everyone must be aware of is that as tinnitus is just a little problem, it could cause a serious effect on the physical and mental status of the person. Since it is so irritating, the noise may keep us from those things we love doing and may give us restless nights. To address the annoying sound, some tinnitus remedies are studied to help the patients’ symptoms bearable.

One of the easiest Tinnitus remedies would be keeping the immune system healthy. Most patients with tinnitus could not sleep well as during the nights the ringing would be more prominent as external sounds are less. And due to sleeplessness, the immune system, which is essential to general health, could fluctuate; thus making a person prone to other diseases. To address this, food or food supplements with zinc would be recommended for a stronger immune system. A good diet would be advised to those experiencing tinnitus.

Foods like: salty, cheese, chocolate, dairy products, saturated fats, and sugar are prohibited as some of them can cause the blood sugar to decrease thus causing tinnitus. It is also advised that even coffee and tea intake must be limited as it can aggravate pain. Fresh and raw foods, green vegetables, protein rich diet and foods rich in vitamins like vitamin A, B, and E, zinc, and choline should be a part of the diet. Dried fruits enhance blood circulation and suggested to be a part of the diet.

Having a healthy lifestyle could be one of Tinnitus remedies, referring to vices such as smoking and drinking, as these can trigger the increase of the blood sugar. Exercise is also a part of a healthy lifestyle. It is very important to be physically and mentally fit to maintain a normal blood pressure. Medicines could cause tinnitus that is why self medication is discouraged. Yoga could be one of the good forms of Tinnitus remedies. This exercise increases GABA level in the body making the ringing in the ear controlled.

Another helpful tinnitus remedies would be sleeping not able to tune the radio at bedside. It will help in neutralizing the internal sound of the ear, promoting a sound sleep for a healthy mind and body.

The Ear Drumming Technique is a new ways of the Tinnitus remedies. It has no side effects and is easy to do. Just close your ears with your palm in such a way that the fingers touch the back of the skull. Let the index finger be on top of the middle finger and presses it hard that the index finger slides though the middle finger. As the index finger reaches the skull, it produces a drumming effect. Done 40-50 times daily, this technique is said to control the ringing of the ears.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cause for the pulsating swooshing sound in my left ear, along with severe headaches & nausea?
    Hello everyone :) I was hoping to be able to get help trying to figure out what the cause of my symptoms might be.
    For several months now I’ve had this swooshing sound in my ears. It is mostly in my left but sometimes in my right one as well. I also get severe headaches and nausea. I’ve talked to my doctor about it and all he did was give me nasal spray which did not help. I’ve Googled it and the closest thing I found was ‘Tinnitus’. I don’t think that’s what this is because it’s not a ringing sound at all. The best way I can think of to describe it would be like the sound of muffled waves crashing regularly to the rhythm of a heartbeat. If anyone may have suggestions as to what may be causing all of these symptoms, I would be very grateful. Thank you so much to those of you who take the time to read this and offer some help. I look forward to reading your replies soon. Bye for now :)

    • ANSWER:
      Your having the same symptoms as me…except i don’t have the nausea….Just went to the VA Hospital and they will be doing a MRI of the inner hearing center of the brain and also a specialized scan of the neck area…the swooshing sound that you hear is in rythym with the hearbeat…which is an indication of an inflamitory disorder or some type of cardiac and/or circlatory disease….I take Zanex at this time to control the panic attacks associated with it…but that has been under control for about 10 years now….whatever i have ..i don’t wish it on my worse enemy…i have lost my job because of it…The EENT doctor i seen said it it most likely a severe case of Cochlear Hypercucious…which there is no rememdy…its caused by a virus…and will go away in time…in the meantime…this darn thing just drives my crazy…and at times i think i am going insane….but i am not…..look up Cochlear Hypercucious and see if the symptoms closely match yours…God Bless…Take care…….Mike

    I am scared ! Judging by these symptoms what do you think is wrong?
    pulsating/ twitching in/ near right eye
    pain in eye
    hearing loss
    abnormal sensations in hands
    occasional twitching/ shooting pains in other parts of body
    derealization/ depersonalization
    occasional sensation of vibrating
    occasional pins and needles

    CT scan results: normal
    MRI: appears normal but blurring from braces

    Was in accident and hit in head in May
    This began in July

    18 year old female
    The CT and MRI were of my head. The MRI was wih contrast.
    excuse me Laredo, since I cannot email you, I will tell you too. This has nothing to do with a lawsuit. I did see a neurologist. I had two burst fractures in my spine with compressed nerves and have a cage and pins going from L3- S1 so don’t even go there buddy.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you been seen by a neurologist? I think that’s the next logical step… It sounds like you have some type of nerve damage… at the base of the neck is a collection of nerves called a cervical ganglion and if you have whiplash, it could be affecting the nerves of your face, head, and arms…

    Could these be the symptoms some sort of brain tumor?
    I’ve noticed some odd symptoms for the past few months now that have been bothering me. everyone insists its nothing and it might be but I’m a pretty anxious person and can’t see a doctor for a few more weeks so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Ok so the main thing is that I’ve noticed these fasciculations of my left eye. They come and go but are pretty annoying. These same twitches now seem to be happening randomly on different parts of my body, just for a second at a time. I feel like this has been happening for a while but it seems to be more so now. I’ve also noticed fatigue lately, I’ve been getting enough sleep but I’m still tired. I get some headaches that come and go but those seem normal enough, they only other odd thing is a rushing, pulsating tinnitus in my ear. I have a ringing tinnitus in both ears always (probably from my iPod or concerts) but in my left ear I notice if I get up or lay down quickly i feel a rushing sound that pulsates with my heart beat for about 10-15 seconds then stops. Some of these symptoms have been happening for months, they haven’t seemed to get worse but this eye and random body twitching on top of everything else is what has me a little spooked. Any information at all would be great, thanks a lot.

    • ANSWER:
      yes i think you should tell dr and then you will know the answer, after the tests you will feel better informed, that’s the way to go mike uk

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