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Ringing In My Ears When I Wake Up

Written By: admin - Oct• 30•12

EFT Tinnitus

Ringing in the ears, also famed as tinnitus, is a very normal condition. If you suffer noise in your ears, you may have tinnitus. Tinnitus is generally not an indication of a serious illness and can margin from mildly annoying to severly disturbing. Tinnitus can be hissing, buzzing, ringing, whooshing, pulsing, clicking or that much a high pitched beeping. Some suffer it as a constant sound, additonally others hear it only intermittently. EFT Tinnitus

Millions of people undergo out of tinnitus, but a good number of never get treated because it isn’t bothersome adequate to seek medical help, or properties think there’s not anything this can be done. Tinnitus can sometimes be cured as dede as having impacted earwax removed by an audiologist or doctor. Natural treatments that work well for some and not so well for others.

If you suffer from tinnitus, you may have to experiment to find what works best for you. As is the case with hearing loss, tinnitus can be caused by excessive noise like loud music, loud machinery, and noisy environments in general. Other culprits that have been found to cause tinnitus in some people are prescription drugs, antidepressants, migraine medications and over the counter drugs. Poor diet has been proven to be a contributing factor in hearing loss and tinnitus. Most natural treatments consist of herbal ingredients. The one herbal that appears most often is ginko biloba.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Ringing in my ears when I wake up?
    It’s only 30 min or an hour after I wake up. If I sit down still look straight there’s a ringing in my left ear. If I tilt my head in any direction it will stop. If I’m walking I can’t hear it either. If I cover my left ear it goes away, if I cover my right ear it comes back. What’s going on??? Is this from listening to my iPod or being in band????

    • ANSWER:
      Ringing in your ears also called Tinnitus is generally caused for poor blood cirrculation. Try negative ion therapy. It has like a 99% cure rate since negative ions are scientifically proven to increase blood circulation. The band I use is called SuperBandz. It’s only , you can get them online. Easy fix!

    When I wake up in the morning, I am sensitive to noises. My ears hurt in the morning, especially around loud noises or regular conversation. After I wake up, sometimes I get a ringing in my ears. Why is this? Is there a scientific reason or something biological?
    I’d be curious to know.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey, I’m the same way. I’m 99.9% positive it’s just because your ears haven’t heard anything for like 8 hours or however long and its just taking time to adjust again.
      Hope I helped.

      Answer mine if you can?


    Ringing in my ear when i wake up?
    Hey guys this has happened to me 3 times already. I dont know if its the lack of sleep but when i wake up my ear feels like theres air vibrating inside. I dont really know how to describe it. My ear feels more alert and i think you can call it ringing inside. But it doesnt hurt at all its just uncomfortable. Can anyone please help me

    • ANSWER:
      Please visit a ear specialist, it could be injury inside the ear.

    ringing in ears when i woke up… again!?!?
    ok am gonna try to make this short because its very hard and long to explain…. 1st off it happened to me when i woke up 3 years ago my ear was muffled and there was ringing too, altough the ringing stoped but my ear was still muffled… so i went to all kinds of doctors and they all told me the same thing… go to an ear specialist, but no one can figure out what was wrong with my left ear… and NO i do not have wax build up, i do not listen to loud music, in fact i take very good care of my ears… my right one is fine its just my left one, but i never found a cure, but anywats… this morning i woke up with the same shit, i am used to my muffled ear but that fucking noise its terrible, and yet again i dont have wax or listen to loud music, (i take very good care of my ears) but yeah does any one know a good solution to this medical problem? or have any sugestions? ive heard about ear candling, ive also heard about tinitus relaxing music and others…. i have not tried em, but does any one have a really good suggestion or what could be causing my problem?…. am still too young i dont wanna live with this problem my whole life

    • ANSWER:


      Check this out

    Left Ear was ringing a bit when I woke up?
    Okay, I woke up this morning with a little ringing in my left ear. It does not hurt at all. I fell asleep with no ringing in my left ear. I can only hear the ringing when it’s very quiet. Will this go away later during the day?

    • ANSWER:

    Ear Ringing when I woke up?
    When I woke up this morning I could feel that there was some pressure in my left ear. Not sure what the exact term for it is but that’s how I can describe it. I hear ringing noises whenever I hear noises.

    It’s been like this since I woke up today. It doesn’t hurt so I’m not sure if it’s a ear infection and I’m not expecting to go to the doctor for something that could go away toomarrow so I just want to find out what it might be.

    Please don’t say go to the doctor. Really if thats all you got to say then don’t answer,

    • ANSWER:
      I hope this has went away for you because same thing happened to me I woke up this morning and my right ear was ringing a little and it felt like a cotton ball was jammed in there i notice when i talk or someones talking to me is when the ringing really picks up loudly, just seems like any noise causes it to ring and distort my hearing, very annoying im pretty sure i sleped on that ear though but that shouldnt have caused it so who know’s, and i dont listen to music loud and havent been to any loud concerts so i really dont know, lets us both hope it goes away!

    Ringing in ears worse when i first get up – Why?
    Hi folks,

    I have had this ringing in my ears since Jan 22nd, have been to the docs many times and he said i have a little fluid behind my ear drum (middle ear area), but my eustation tubes are also blocked because of sinus/blocked nose etc. I inhale steam 3/4 times a day which helps, if i don’t i get a bad headache, i also use ephedrine nasal drops 4 times a day, it seems to be worse after i wake up for some reason, why is this, and does anybody suffer with this, how do you cope with it and what else can i do. Also if i pop my ears holding my ears an blowing out my ears will eventually pop and i can hear air coming out but not for long! HELP!!!!
    Thanks for that – also and i know wat your going to say – i smoke too!! about 15 cgarettes a day, if i stop will this hellp in any way at all!! I have cut down my coffee intake already. Do the drops help!

    • ANSWER:
      I am Dr Prateek Nayak . I am a Consultant in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery practising in Bangalore ,India.
      Ringing in the ears or otherwise called tinnitus can be due to many causes including middle ear fluid like in your case
      3 months is a long time for you to be suffering from persistent ear fluid.
      u need a detailed examination including examination of the back of the nose[ nasopharynx] with a nasal endoscope to see if any mass blocking the eustachian opening
      if that is normal u may need a prolonged course of antibioitcs to help resolve the sinusits, eusachian dysfunction and ear fluid
      also continue with steam and take chewing gum
      Take care

    Is tinnitus (ringing in the ear) from Adderall permanent or when will it go away?
    Okay so 5 days ago I had an AP final so I took 2 Adderall at 11am. Later that night I barely slept at all, as expected, and woke up with my ears ringing the next morning. I have not taken any Adderall since then but the ringing is yet to completely recede. Does anybody know if this is permanent or will the tinnitus (ringing in the ear) go away soon?

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t worry too much. It will go away after few more days. You have to relax and stop taking Adderall. Also, avoid any kind of noises that will cause more ringing in the ear. Stop listening to music and go some places where it is quite and relaxing. If its still annoy you, then I suggest you consult a doctor immediately. I hope that help you.

    I was in a wreck right.
    And so I actually crawl away with a mere cut on my hand, and no other “injuries” until i started recognizing them. After my adrenaline slowly goes away, I got outta the shower and when i started brushing my hair I felt a really sore spot on my head, I knew then I had to have hit my head above me kinda hard..and I had been having aching headaches that only go away with sleep.

    In the accident, no airbags deployed, i went around a 25 mph bend on a dirt road going 60 *complete dumbass*
    slid across the road spinning out, hit the ditch, went airborn for a few seconds, opened my eyes as it crashed headfirst into the dirt, saw nothing but felt it still sliding, i figured I was rolling at the time, but came to find out later i wasn’t. bumper was unscathed, no airbags, but i think i hit my face on the steering wheel. 3 days later, earlier today, after getting frustrated with my mom while having another serious headache, my ears start ringing. i wake up 4 hours later, from the same ringing noise, and it wasnt from silence. idk what this is. no health insurance, so no doctor. i need a home remedy and i dont want to lose my hearing >.< any help at all is appreciated. this was done in a suv mind you :P

    • ANSWER:


      I’m not medical expert or anything, but I think you really should go see a doctor. It might be something worse than tinnitus, which could slowly make you deaf or worse, make you completely unable to move.

    Ringing in ears that happens only when I’m sleeping?
    I’m 15 and at night when i go to bed sometimes i get woken up after 10 minutes of sleep by ringing in my ears. The first thing i want to do is get up because it’s so dreadful, but when I try i cannot move my body!!! I lie still until i finally can move. Then the ringing goes away. When i try to go back to sleep it returns and i was wondering what it was or how i can stop it from happening. Also, i don’t experience it at all through the day.

    • ANSWER:
      maybe ur developing tinnitus

    Woke up with ringing/hissing noise in both ears?
    It was about 5 in the morning I woke up and I could hear this weird buzzing or ringing noise in both my ears. I’m probably thinking it is tinnitus but this never happened before like this. Last night though I was working on Garageband with my music and I did play synths that were kind of loud and uncomfortable to the ears. But when I went to bed my ears were just fine? So far the hissing has not gone away it usually is most present with things are quiet but when I hear something louder I can’t hear the ringing. Someone help? Will it eventually go away? (BTW every now and then I do feel a little ache i my ears but not enough to be painful) Thank you guys!

    • ANSWER:
      You have tinnitus – the perception of sound in the absence of sound.

      There is no “cure” for tinnitus. The reason is that tinnitus is caused by hearing loss and the hearing loss that causes it is generally permanent (either from aging, noise, etc.). The brain can learn to ignore the tinnitus though, but that takes some work on your part to reduce your stress (like meditation) and sound therapy to help the brain not hear the ringing. Currently the best treatment for tinnitus is sound based therapies. The only web-based one, that is research based and personalized, is at beyondtinnitus.com.

      This company’s system is based on research of two ear nose and throat doctors done at the University of California Irvine.

      Basically, they figure out your tinnitus pitch and loudness, etc. and give you a sound file that you can download for therapy that is specific to your tinnitus. The therapy sound can be mixed with your own music using their system and you can listen to your own music while the sound therapy file is working in the background.

      The alternative is therapy in the clinic with tinnitus retraining therapy or Neuromonics, but those will cost you ~00.

      Herbal remedies have not been shown to be effective in good clinical studies. Sound therapies have are effective 80-90% of time, whereas herbal remedies have only been found to be as effective as sugar pills. Ginkgo has been studied in large clinical trials and it wasn’t found to be effective at all. My dad had bothersome tinnitus and he took Ginkgo and it didn’t help. He tried the sound therapy and he can’t hear the ringing. If he really thinks about it and listens for it, he hears it, but otherwise it’s not noticeable and doesn’t keep him up at night.




    How long should your ears be ringing after a concert?
    Normally when I have gone to concerts (in total this is only about my 5th ever) the ringing stops after a few hours. i went to bed last night and woke up and my ears are still ringing. it is not as bad, but when will they stop? or did i do something really bad to them?

    • ANSWER:
      You might’ve seriously hurt your eardrums. I really doubt it, give it another couple days and if it’s still there consult a doctor. Next time wear the ear puff things you stick in your ears. Doesnt make you any less hardcore and if you’re like in the front it really helps and still sounds as loud. Can really get hurt if you go right next to speakers without anything to shield that sound.

    What does it means when your eyes black out and you hear ringing in ears?
    My friend was smoking weed, and when she was done she passed out.. she said she first heard a ringing and her vision slowly went completly black… she completly blacked out, and was pale as anything, with her eyes wide open.. but it looked lik all the life had been sucked out of her and she wasnt saying anything at all.. she woke up about 3 minutes later cuz i was carrying her… did she die for those 3 minutes? what happened?
    what happened to her?

    • ANSWER:
      1) NO MORE DRUGS

      2) She needs to go to the doctor ASAP and get checked out

    What is this incredible ringing in my ears and how do I get rid of it?
    My ears have been ringing for at least the past six hours. It’s not the TV; they began to ring when I woke up this morning (before I turned the TV on) and remain long after I turn the TV off. Could this be an ear infection? My ears don’t hurt..

    Thanks in advance for your answers!

    • ANSWER:
      Tinnitus is a physical condition, experienced as noises or ringing in the ears or head when no such external physical noise is present. Tinnitus is usually caused by a fault in the hearing system; it is a symptom, not a disease in itself.Tinnitus is rarely an indication of a serious disorder, but it is wise to see your doctor if you think you might have it. Should something treatable be causing it, you might be referred to a specialist.

      The noises may seem worse if you are anxious or stressed. When tinnitus starts, particularly if it’s sudden, you may naturally be frightened and your concentration or your sleep may be disturbed. You may get angry and frustrated because no-one else understands, or you may live alone and not have anyone to talk to about it

    I woke up with extreme pain in my ears, like a ringing sound, I remember seeing a light too, what is this?
    Last night I woke up in extreme pain, I remember feeling distressed, I was sobbing trying to stop the ringing in my ears. When I say ringing…it wasn’t really that, it was loud!! To the point where I was trying to wake my partner up but I couldn’t hear my voice through the buzzing/ringing. The strange thing is, I felt dazed and confused by this noise but my room was lit up by something, there was no tv or any other light on in the room either. Whether this was my confused state of mind or something else I don’t know. But I’m to the point of wondering if it even happened or not, but I remember the pain and sobbing when it wouldn’t stop. Anyone had a similar experience? Or can help me figure out what the hell happened?

    • ANSWER:
      If it was affecting both vision and hearing I would assume something neurological and recommend seeing a doctor asap

    woke up with ear ringing????! HELPP!?

    WHAT IS IT!!!

    please describe!

    • ANSWER:
      Ok What you have is “Tinnitus” Tinnitus is a ringing , swishing in the ears. It is not a serioues problem, it will go away. If not in the next few days go and see your doctor. Aspirin, high intensity music , gun fire can give you ringing .

    Woke up with ringing in ear. Tinnitus??
    Hi all,

    I woke up this morning with ringing in my left ear. It’s driving me insane. I did some research and found the symtom tinnitus. I thought it was ear wax build up, so I cleaned it with a over the counter ear wax remover, but the ringing still occurs. What I have found out about tinnitus is that it can be also caused to over-dose of caffeine. I have taken a lot of caffeine the past 2 days and I also drink about 5 beers a week. Could it be tinnitus that’s buzzing me? This ringing has happened to me before, only when I got water in my hear from showering and it would cure itself in a week. What can I do to make it better? I just want the ringing to stop. Please help.
    I do listen to music moderately loud in the car and at home, but not extremely loud that I can’t hear anything else. Also I do not take aspirin at all or any sort of pain releivers.
    yes. i also smoke about 8 cigarettes per day.

    • ANSWER:
      Call your doctor. You may have something in your ear that they need to remove. Do you really want to listen to the ringing for a week just to SEE if it goes away?

    how long for ears to stop ringing after a concert?
    Good afternoon, all.

    When I was younger (in my teens), I used to go to concerts and shows all the time. They were often incredibly loud (which was great, I’m not complaining). I would sometimes wake up the next morning with my ears “ringing” but I didn’t care because I was just an idiot kid, and it would usually go away by the second day thereafter. At its worst, I would have some residual effects by the end of the 2nd day after, but never by the third.

    I’m now 27. I went to a show this past Friday, and was right near the speaker. When I went to bed later Friday night, and woke up Sat morning, my left ear was ringing terribly, and I couldn’t hear out of it very well. Unlike 10 years ago, it hasn’t seemed to get better quickly – now 3 days later, it’s still sort of buzzing out of that ear.

    Anyone with medical knowledge want to hazard a guess as to whether this will get better? If so, how long will it take? And is there anything I can do about it?

    • ANSWER:
      >First Off< Let me say that I am not a doctor, I didn't/don't play one on T.V., nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn last night. Having gotten that off of my chest, let me just inform you that you are doing >SERIOUS< & >PERMANENT< damage to your hearing. The "Ringing" you are experiencing is called Tinnitus. It is a result of the damage you are doing/have done to your inner ear. It results in a loss of some or most of the frequencies in the range of human hearing......(IE: You go deaf!) If you Ever want to be able to hear >Anything< within a few years (YES! I'm SERIOUS!) Start wearing hearing protection, or avoid ANYTHING that has sound levels of 80dB or more. The damage you do when you expose your inner ear to sound pressure levels of 80dB+ is BOTH damaging, AND cumulative (It "Adds" up & NEVER goes away!). Go see an "Ear,Nose, and Throat" Doctor or an Audiologist, and see if you have a chance to save your hearing...... And "Grow up", Loud Music is cool!......Being deaf because of it ISN'T! You're not 15 anymore...... T.S.

    I’m 36 Weeks Pregnant And Today When I Woke Up My Ear Was Plugged With Ringing In It?
    Could This Be An Ear Infection And Is It Common In Women When Their In The Last Month.

    • ANSWER:
      It happened to me a few times during last months of my pregnancy. Sometimes the feeling would stay for 12 hours or so. I checked with my doc and he did many different tests, but wasn’t able to determine the cause. My blood pressure was actually low. He did not see anything wrong with my ears, and he said that the possible cause was the allergy.

    Lately my ears have been ringing and my tonsils are swollen?
    I have always had a problem with my tonsils being very large and the ubula sticking to the sides. Lately my ears are ringing and I have bad breath. My tonsils have red veins in them and when I wake up in the morning my ears feel very clogged. Is there someone who has advice on what to do or knows what is happening? I would preferably like to hear from an ENT, but any help would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      Do your tonsils have white patches on them? You might have Tonsillitis, a tonsil infection. I know that when my tonsils were infected, they were enlarged and my uvula would stick to my tonsils. I know someone who had Tonsillitis and would get constant ear aches. She had to get them removed, so I suggest you go see a doctor about them.

    what does it mean when your ear is ringing.?
    what does it mean when your ear is ringing all day woke up with it ringing its is knocking my equilibrium off. I look in the mirror and it feels numb on my left side or clogged what does that mean for almost 8Hrs.

    • ANSWER:
      You have a middle ear infection!

      My right ear has been clogged/ ringing (still is) and I did not think anything about it until I moved my head wrong and I, too, was knocked off my equilibrium so bad that I actually turned pale and got sick losing my lunch yesterday. I had to go to the E.R. where they treated me with a potassium solution for the dizziness, Ondansetron for the nausea/ vomiting, and Amoxicillin for the infection itself. I have to take both the Ondansetron and Amoxicillin, and see my primary care doctor for a follow up.

      You need to see a doctor right away because it is only going to get worse. Trust me!

    Why doesn’t my cat wake up when I make noise.?
    My cat is healthy and her hearing is fine, she hears everything when she is awake.

    She has a chair in my living room she sleeps on. When I walk by her, when the phone rings, when people knock on the door, even a bad thunder storm outside, etc she doesn’t wake up, her ears don’t even twitch. It’s like she is dead, until I touch her then she wakes up right away.

    She has been like this as long as I’ve had her, which is 4 years. Is it just her, that she trusts me so much or have you seen other cats like this too.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you have a cat who is a very deep sleeper and very comfortable and feels safe in your home.

      Since you said she’s healthy and reacts to noises when she’s awake I wouldn’t worry too much about it being a hearing problem. Though of course at your next vet visit you could always ask them to take a look just to be sure.

      Honestly though, take it as a compliment. You’ve done such a good job creating a close bond with her and making her feel so safe and secure that she doesn’t feel the need to react to every noise.

      Or of course she could just be a really good sleeper, (though personally I like the first theory better, lol).

      Good Question,
      I hope this helped & Have a Great Day

    ears ringing and back problem questions?
    well, i have really bad back problems. i stretch when i wake up every morning too…but the thing is i can’t stand for long periods of time without my back starting to be in a lot of pain and it’s really uncomfortable and it just hurts. i don’t know why this is happening and i am positive it isn’t my mattress because i have tried sleeping on different beds and still…same thing. it gets to where i can’t bend over , look at my feet/stomach without my back being in a lot of pain…

    also i went i guess you could say “deaf” in one ear for about 20 seconds and i got REALLLLLY dizzy and a really loud ringing started up in my other ear. it was really weird and i didn’t like it at all.

    also, almost always as soon as i start to lay on my stomach my ears start to ring, i get a REALLY bad INSTANT headache and i get very, very dizzy.

    what is wrong with me?

    • ANSWER:
      sounds like wut happened on house the other week… but a doctor’s diagnostic or however u spell it would give u the best answer cuz most ppl here aren’t doctors. also a doctor could ask u specific questions that would help specify the problem, not to mention he could do tests and stuff

    I have ringing in my ears, what is the cause of it?
    Here is what I did last night: I went to a carnival and there was a stage with a rock band playing on stage, and I was listening to them for about 15-20 minutes before I leave. They were pretty loud, and then when I got home, everything was fine.

    After taking a shower, I decided to go to bed, and I had my iphone on and I was listening to my iphone 3g to a relaxing acoustic piano song and it was set on medium volume of 5 volume bar out of the possible/ 17 volume bars and I fell asleep to the music without turning it off until morning so it was about 7 hours with it still playing. I had the iphone speaker on so I did not use an earphone, I had the iphone about 10 feet away from me. I woke up with ringing/hissing in my ears, and I still have it. Was this cause by the music played overnight or the rock band?

    I was thinking that the rock band at the carnival made my ear damage, and that night when I was sleeping, my ears was supposed to get rest so it can recover, but my ears wasn’t able to rest properly because I had my iphone music on so the iphone music made the ringing sound. Is this plausible or the ears never rest? In other words, if I didn’t have the iphone music playing that night, I wouldn’t wake up with the ringing.

    Does tinnitus cause further hearing loss, and even deaf? Will it go away?

    Please provide me with a detailed answer, thank you :).

    • ANSWER:
      Tinnitus is the result of damage somewhere in the auditory system – most commonly damage in the inner ear, but can also be a result of hyperactive neurons firing in the brain even though there was no signal sent for them to fire.

      We’re all aware that a very loud noise causes damage in the ear, but it’s not so commonly realised that a moderate level of sound over a long period also causes damage. The damage is done to the hair cells in the inner ear, which convert the sound waves to electrical impulses. Sound waves cause them to wave back and forth, but too intense a sound and they are flattened, and in extreme cases, snap off completely.

      It is believed that tinnitus results when the cilia are damaged if they are flattened so that adjacent cells touch each other. This is believed to set up a “short circuit”, where they stimulate each other to keep sending the electrical impulses.

      Tinnitus will not cause hearing loss – it is just a symptom of a problem, not a cause it itself.

      Will it go away? Not on its own. Many audiologists will tell you there is nothing that can be done, except try to trick your brain into ignoring the sound, but there are a very, very small number who believe otherwise. There is a listening program called Sound Therapy that was developed by a French ear specialist, which appears to stimulate the cilia to return to an upright position, breaking the short circuit. I used it myself after having tinnitus for 12 years, and it did cure my tinnitus completely. So if it bothers you, you can rest assured that there is something that can be done about it!

    ear problems – ear ache/ear ringing/jaw hurts when chewing/ ears not popping?
    i woke up the other day and bang my left ear ached everytime i chewed food. it cleared up after a few days (this was last week). anyway i have now got this annoying rininging in my ears as well as ear ache. my ears refuse to pop (you know when you yawn & stuff).

    what could it be?

    im guna book an appointment with my doc.

    • ANSWER:
      It could be the first sign of TMJ, and let’s hope it isn’t, because TMJ sucks!

      But, it could also be something as simple as a plug of ear wax that’s become lodged far down in your ear canal and needs to be professionally removed. Do *not* try to do this yourself. Go to the doctor and have him take a look. If it’s a wax blockage, then he’ll probably give you some drops to put in your ear for the next week or so, then schedule an appointment to have a nurse flush your ear out with a big ole syringe. It’s weird feeling, but it doesn’t hurt, and you’ll feel so much better afterwards.

    Heavy chest feeling when I wake up and shortness of breathing during the day?
    Sometimes when I try to wake up within the morning, I notice that I can’t stand up from bed right away because my chest feels really heavy. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen every now and then. When I stand up, it’s really hard to breathe and I would stand still in a spot, trying to regulate my breathing. My eyes would blank out too and fade back to normal and sometimes I hear a small ringing in my ears although in a few minutes, it goes away. No longer than 5 minutes. I have no health problems whatsoever.

    Another problem at occurs a lot is that I get a shortness of breathing. Sometimes it feels really suffocating for me to breathe. Then my heart would pound really hard and I could really feel it. Normally when I lay on my back, I don’t feel my heart pounding much but now when I do, my heart pounds really hard that it feels like the bed is shaking by it too. I believe 2 weeks ago, I noticed my heart beat changed too because normally I would never feel it beat unless it’s after P.E, but now I feel it beating really hard even when I’m doing nothing. What do you guys think?
    also, last time i went to the doctor which is probably in november 2009, my avg heart rate is 61 bps.
    I am 15 years old.

    • ANSWER:
      If you really want to determine the cause of your symptoms, then you need to go to your regular doctor. You may have some sleep paralysis that prevents you from standing up right away in the morning. It is normal to have body paralysis during certain stages of sleep, but some people can have the paralysis last for a short period of time when they wake up. This is not a sign of anything serious. The pressure in your chest and shortness of breath could be related to anxiety, a heart condition or lung issues. It is really impossible to say the cause of these symptoms with limited information and you must see your doctor regarding this. A serious condition is very unlikely at your age, but not impossible. Asthma is a possibility and can be evaluated for with simple breathing tests. It is not abnormal to feel the sensation of your heart beating and this is unlikely be anything serious. The heart can temporarily beat harder for many reasons, such as with exercise, caffeine, stress, anxiety, pain, etc.

    Sometimes when im sleeping during the day, I can wake up but not be able to move. Continued below.?
    Its like my body is still sleeping because i physically cant move, but my mind is awake. I can hear whats going on around me and i am still aware of my surrounding, my senses seem to be on but i still cannot move. It scares me so bad sometimes because i actually have figured out how to wake my self up out of this. I have to concentrate of either my toes, or my foot, or my fingers, or my hand and i have to slightly wiggle them. It takes sometime but i cant eventually do it. I like have to move my body to make it realize that its time to wake up. its like im screaming and no one can hear me. I hate when this happens and i sometimes am afraid to nap during the day or evening. it even sometimes happens at night. What is wrong with me? oh and recently i have been having this mad ringing in my ears? Whats wrong with me??

    • ANSWER:

    Why do i still have ringing in my ears two days after a NIGHTCLUB!!?
    Okay, so i went to a nightclub last friday night, and it was my first one.
    when i left, my ears felt clogged up and heard some ringing.
    It went away a bit.

    Then i woke up the next morning( yesterday saturday), and still clogged up ears and ringing!

    its sunday night already and i STILL hear the ringing.
    its NOT going away and i still feel a littttleeee clogged up in my ears. But the ringing is more of my concern.

    Does anyone know if this is permanent?
    or will it go away in the next days?
    im really scared…
    the ringing is so annoying.

    & it only happend to me, not the poeple i was with.
    its drivin me crazy.

    i dont really party, so i dont really hear this loud music so it cant be from excessive loud exposure.
    i do listen to music with headfones, and people have talked really loud in my ears or heard noises that have popped my ears for a second. ive been to a few parties in the past, but nothing TOOO loud. and it was a long time ago.

    but not something like listening to LOUD club music every weekend.

    please help.

    will i go away?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi– speaking from personal experience ..the ringing should go away. I used to go clubbing every weekend and this would happen if I was too close to the speakers. I used to look at it as a sign of a great night out! I have heard that there is some permanent damage when this occurs, but you should be alright. Listening to loud music through your headphones, even though you don’t get ringing is probably more harmful. If you’re really concerned about it in the future, wear ear plugs- do not put tissue in your ears, it can get sucked into the ear canal (this happened to a friend of mine) and that will hurt and a doctor will have to get it out.
      Good luck– when you wake up tomorrow it should be fine. You’ll have forgotten all about it– hopefully!

    How can I stop my ears from ringing?
    I don’t know what’s going on but when I was about to go to sleep last night my ears started ringing really bad. I finally was able to fall asleep but I woke up this morning and it continues to occur. I don’t know if it’s just something in my head by it has gotten really annoying. What can I do about this? Will it leave by itself?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no point in trying to diagnosis you via this forum, but there are many reasons for the cause of ringing noises in your ears (tinnitus). If it continues I would get it checked by a health care clinician.

      Common causes:
      Loud noises. This is one of the most common reasons for tinnitus, and, over time, loud noises can also cause hearing loss.
      Medication. More than 200 medications can cause tinnitus. Often when the medication is stopped, the tinnitus goes away.
      Ear or sinus infections. This is often temporary and goes away after the infection is treated
      Less common causes:
      Tumor in the brain or ears.
      Head and neck trauma.

      Sometimes there is no know cause

      Most of the time it will go away in a few hours or a couple of days. All I can say is when this has happened to me in the past it was because of listening to loud music with head phones. When I took to much tylenol once. When I had a infection in one of my ears. All went away, but it is better to try to find out “why” or what is causing it and go from there.

    how to make the ringing in my ears stop?
    when i was about 5 or 6 my little brother (who is now 15) woke up in the middle of the night crying so i went into his room and laid in bed with him and he ended up stabbing me in the ear with the end of sunglasses. my ear bled and i went to the doctor. well now im 19 and i’ve started to go running and after a while of running my ear starts ringing. im wondering if it has anything to do with that incident? and is there anything i can do to make it not ring while im running?

    • ANSWER:
      Well seeing that the incident was 19 years ago…I doubt it is the cause. It could be but I doubt it. Ringing in the ears can mean tinnitus or some kind of inflammation in your ears. It could be caused by some sort of viral infection or it can be because of exposure to loud noises (eg. listening to music on high volume for prolonged periods etc.) There are other more serious causes of tinnitus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinnitus#Causes) but usually it’s because of exposure to noise.

      How to make it stop though…I’m not sure if there is any sort of medication to stop it if the symptom is isolated to only ringing in your ears…unless there is some other underlying cause but if it’s only a symptom of your hearing, then there’s not much you can do about it I think…Lay off loud noises.

    How do i get rid of ringing in my ears?
    i had my ipod on full blast when i was jogging and got home at 6pm (western time.) I then lay down on my ben intending just to rest but i accidentally fell asleep, not waking up till about an hour ago (midnight.)

    My ears are now ringing terribly and it is making me crazy! i understand that it will heal itself mostly by morning and completely by the end of the weekend… but is there anything i can do to stop it faster or at least make it less intense?

    • ANSWER:
      No, but you shouldn’t have your ipod on so loud, you can cause irreversible damage to your ears. There’s not much you can do other than wait it out though.

    Ringing in my ears just got a lot worse?
    Ok, so I have had ringing in my ears for a few months now. I have been working on listening to a lot less music, and listening it to it quieter (I never use headphones anymore). Since Sunday I have had a head-cold, (Sore throat, headaches, cough, and runny nose). But today when I woke up the ringing in my ear was very bad. Now I can hear it over other sounds in daily life (people talking, car ect) not just when its quiet. Did I do something wrong? What can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not sure about this but Miners disease causes ringing of the ear if i’m correct but since you do have a cold im not really sure either way you may want to get that ringing checked out

    Ringing ears, Irritated throat, Green/yellow mucus with occasional blood.?
    So the other day (Approx 3 days ago) i’m sitting in my kitchen heating some food up when my ear pops (Like an elevation pop) I didn’t think much of it so i carried on with my night, i wake up and it still feels popped, as well as a minor sore throat and a little bit of a stuffy nose. i then start to here a ringing sound halfway through my day, i didn’t clean my ears much before this happened and when i did clean them 2 days before this happened there was quite a bit of wax, i might have pushed some wax back in my ear canal?? i have been trying quite a bit of solutions, Debrox, Ringing relief drops, H202, Bees wax candles (With the candles i noticed it subside a little bit) but there was a ton of wax that came out, some of my mucus i have been getting up had some blood in it, i have got a few fevers that last for 2-5 minutes and are gone, some what irritable for no apparent reason, There is no pain in my ears or sinus, only my mild sore throat.

    • ANSWER:

    I have ringing in my ears what’s going on? (read detail)?
    I went to a carnival and there was a stage with a rock band playing on stage, and I was listening to them for about 15-20 minutes before I leave. They were pretty loud, and then when I got home.When I got home, everything was fine, and I decided to go to bed, and I had my iphone on and I was listening to my iphone 3g to a relaxing acoustic piano song and it was set on medium volume of 5/ 17 and I fell overslept for 6 hours with it still playing. I had the iphone speaker on so I did not use an earphone, I had the iphone about 10 feet away from me. I woke up with ringing/hissing in my ears, and I still have it. Was this cause by the music played overnight or the rock band? What is the possible decibel before my ears are damaged? Can someone explain to me if I am going to be okay, will I have hearing loss, will this hissing stop any time soon, it’s been two days?
    Can someone detail ccrobe’s answer, so will my ringing stop any time soon? Why does some people have permanent ringing for the rest of their life?

    • ANSWER:
      Ill tell you what it is, its going to sound serious but it isn’t. It was caused by the loud music, the ringing in your ears is the sound of the receptor for that particular frequency that you’re hearing dying. You will never be able to hear that particular frequency again so enjoy the ringing while you can because its the last time you’ll ever hear it. However, the human ear can detect so many frequencies that it won’t make a noticeable difference unless you kill a lot of frequencies.

    I feel paralyzed when I wake up sometimes?
    I’ve been getting this a lot -

    I’d wake up in the middle of the night or just right after i’ve fallen asleep and I can’t move anything or speak.. once I tried so hard to move my arm and i saw it move by the corner of my eye.. i just couldn’t feel it move. It usually goes away and i can move if i stay awake for 5 minutes or so but its a horrible experience! If i try to keep my eyes open, my ears start making a loud ringing sound.. and it hurts. But if i go back to sleep, i usually just wake back up again-

    the other night it happened 3 times in a row (the same night)

    Its been happening (not every night but occasionally) for about 5 years..

    My sister says its because the brain shuts off the muscles so you won’t literally act out your dreams, like dogs do. So if you wake up in the middle of it, you are paralyzed?

    But is there any easier way to stop it then just going back to sleep? Because when I wake up from it I usually want to.. actually wake up

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, your sister is correct; your brain does more or less shut down your voluntary muscles while you enter REM-phase sleep to keep you from flailing about. (You referred to dogs moving in their sleep; dogs never truly enter REM-phase sleep like humans do due to their lower brain functions.)

      But when you wake up, you wake up. Your voluntary muscle movement should return immediately. I believe the first answerer is correct; this sounds an awful lot like sleep paralysis. I suggest consulting a doctor about it; I’m not sure if there’s much you can do in the long run, but I think there are ways to prevent it. Good luck!

    fluid in my ears caused ringing?
    Fluid and ringing in my ear?
    A three yeats ago, I woke up with a plugged up ear. I thought it would go away soon, but it stayed for a couple of months before I decided to go to the doctor. I went to the doctor, and she said that I have tinnitus and she cann’t do anything to stop the ringing, last week I felt very disease that lead me to vertigo I took Meclazine medication to stop the diseaseness, after two days I was still diseasy then I want back to ENT doctor because I have pressure she said that my ears have fluid She gave me Triamterene W/HCTZ. to drain the fluid in my ear, and told me come back in two months. and she told me that I had some fluid in my ears. my left ear is stil ringing, and it ringing non stop since then, and it’s been going on for a long time now.

    You know the “click” sound your ears make when you swallow? Well, right now, my left ear doesn’t make that sound. I can hear 100% out of both ears, but my left ear won’t stop ringing, and it doesn’t feel “right”, so to speak. I can hear fine, but it still rings. Any idea??

    • ANSWER:
      I have had tinnitus for a couple of decades!

      The ringing NEVER goes away!!!

      My ears have been ringing 24/7 for over 20 years, there is no cure. You just have to learn to live with it.

      Tinnitus is very, very stressful. There is no such thing as peace and quiet, ever!

    why are my ears ringing and how do i stop it?
    i do not know where the ringing is coming from its like from my head but possible could be the right ear. my right ear distorts sounds if they are loud i can still hear them perfectly fine but they have a bit of a buzz to them it’s like my eardrum is shaking. I don’t know how this happened i havent heard a really loud noise, the only thing i can think caused it was bending down in the shower becuase a lot of water went in my ears and when i woke up i had this high pitched ringing. how could i stop this or do you think this is something that will heal on it’s own

    • ANSWER:
      Try this site, it has information on the problem


    ringing noises in one ear when ever i yawn?
    about 2 days ago i woke up and my right ear felt like as if something popped it..i cant really explain it..anyway ever since then i heard ringing noises in my right ear every time i yawned. what can i do to stop this?

    • ANSWER:
      Only a test of ‘Audio Gram’ will reveal whether you have ear problem or not. Better to get tested early.

    What is it when you having ringing of the ears, neck pain and dizziness!!!!?
    All of this started about 2 weeks ago and has gone away and then came back the other morning. I woke up and my neck was sore then did my morning ritual then as I was heading out the door my ears starting ringing and I got really dizzy, in turn making me nauseated. The dizziness subsided as well as the ringing but I still has pain in my neck and it is making my head, teeth, and jaw hurt. At first I thought it was sinus pressure but I have not been congested so I am not sure what is going on. Can anyone help!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds to me like you have a Chiropractic problem in your neck. They can easily cause sore neck, ringing in the ears and dizziness.
      Have you been under lots of stress, or have you had a neck or head injury even a long time ago?
      I would highly recommend seeing a good insurance list Chiropractor in your area. They will help you and give you a discount too if you aren’t insured.

    has anyone had a loud ringing in their ears just at they are about to fall asleep?
    I think everyone has experienced the dream where you feel like you’re falling, and then you twich and wake up. Well i have recently been having problems with sleeping. Instead of the normal twitch or two… i will literally kick uncontrollably. Sometimes i will just about to go into a deep sleep, adn i will feel like my head is pulsing or twitching, and i try to open my eyes, but i cant. and just this morning i experienced a loud ringing ( like the kind that comes on tv when the chanell goes out and the colorful screen comes on) and it sounds like its coming from inside my head. Are these normal symptoms when you’ve had an inconsistant amount of sleep, or should i see my doctor about this.. b/c it scares me!

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn’t say it’s normal or abnormal. My question would be why are you not sleeping? That’s a question you should be asking your doctor… unless it’s just that you’ve been partying too hard.

      There are medications available in this day and age that you shouldn’t have to suffer sleep deprivation, you could also be having a severe form of sleep apnea… and you don’t want to mess with that.

      Good luck… lack or sleep or poor quality sleep stinks.

    Are these the symptoms of a brain tumor?
    dull headache (mostly in temples) and light headedness for 7
    nausea twice during the 7 days
    no vomiting
    soar throat most mornings when i wake up
    ear ringing twice for a couple of seconds during the 7 days
    no vision problems
    no vertigo
    excedrin and tylenol haven’t helped

    my head begins hurting usually in the morning or early afternoon, and then continues till the evening.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a migraine or an ear problem- but not a brain tumour.

      Go to your doctor so they can investigate. It may be a simple infection or bug

    Ears ringing, body tingly?
    When I wake up from a nap sometimes my ears ring and my body feels tingly and if I jump right up I am shaky. I barely feel conscious. Is this because I was in a deep sleep or something else?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be signs of a circulation, sleep disorder, blood sugar, anxiety, or other disorder, Or it could just be normal for you.

      I have some health issues that do this to me, but I know others who have this happen & don’t.

    when i woke up my right ears hearing was practically half gone?
    i thought it might be wax. so i used a q-tip and tried to clear it. that wasn’t it.
    so i went to school and the entire day i’ve been hearing like.. robotic echoes of everyone talking.

    and i could hear myself talking in my head if you know what i mean. like i hear my voice in my head wheni talked.

    and my right ears kinda been sensitive to hearing..
    my ap us teacher kicked a cardboard box and it was ALOT louder then it should have been. i like, cringed.

    and its still ringing right now..

    whats going onn?! im like freaking out

    • ANSWER:
      wow, that’s scary. You need to see a doctor right away. There couldbe something wrong. Do you go to a lot of concerts or listen to your MP3 too loud?

    ringing in ears / coming down with cold?
    Hello all!

    Okay, here’s what’s up. This morning I woke up with kind of a sore throat. Throughout the day I started feeling a little stuffed up and my ears started ringing. My ears are a bit watery occasionally. This is usually what happens when I’m coming down with a cold.

    What’s best to take? Should I go straight for the Theraflu?
    ***** My EYES are a bit watery, lol

    • ANSWER:
      chicken soup

    What could be causing the ringing in my ear, and will it resolve on its own?
    A few things could be causing this, and I’m not sure if I should be concerned or not. It started last night, and when I woke up in the middle of the night it was still ringing, as well as this morning. Getting a Doctor to check this out isn’t an option due to lack of insurance, lack of local audiologist, etc
    1.) About a month ago I was involved in a car accident, and I read that whiplash can cause ringing in the ears, plus I was given 300 mg of Ibuprophen. I woke up with the ringing about a week and a half after the accident, but it cleared up later that morning.
    2.) I was given a perscription for flagyl for a bacterial infection I had, and then after I finished that, a week later came down with a sinus infection and was given azythromycin. I also read that antibiotics can cause this ringing, and it’s not often I take 2 courses of antibiotics back-to-back.
    3.) Probably not likely, but on Saturday I got my second hole in my ears peirced. The lobe, not anything else.
    4.) I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, and am on birth control and spironalactione as a diuretic. I read also about how these can cause it.
    5.) Friday night I was out with a friend and we went to a club and when we left, our hearing was a little fuzzy. I haven’t had that since middle school as this was the first time I’d ever been to a club, and the first time I’d been around loud music like that since like, 8th grade (I’m 23).

    Is it most likely a combination of all of these things, and should I be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      Tinnutis, or ringing in the ears can mean a variety of things. It could result as a side effect of a particular medication, it can signal infection or fluid behind the eardrum in the middle ear, an inner ear problem, or hearing loss due to age, exposure to noise, ect. Illness such as a cold or sinusitis can cause ringing as well. Constant ringing can be annoying, and in some cases it can interfere with hearing, but many people ignore it. If the ringing comes on suddenly, is extremely loud, then it is a good idea to get a hearing test and exam from an ear, nose and throat specialist. Unfortunately, this is not cheap, esp for those without medical insurance. Hopefully this is only temporary and you have nothing to worry about.

    went to a concert last night and my ears are all messed up today?
    So I went to a skrillex concert last night (hell yeah!!!) and it was amazing but REALLY loud. i wore ear plugs but when i got out everyones voices sounded super high pitched like they all inhaled helium and my ears were ringing incredibly loud. i didn’t freak out because a) this happened to me the other night when i was at a club and b) i have mild but chronic tinnitus either way, so ringing doesn’t bother me that much. anyways, i figured that when i’d wake up today it’d all be gone because last time it disappeared over night. well i’m a little freaked out now because it’s 8 to 12 hours after the concert and my ears are still ringing loudly and it feels like my ears went into “screw this” mode and basically i can’t hear shit. it feels like everythings muffled, in fact one ear feels a little more muffled than the other. everything seems underwater-like. how bad did i screw up my ears?? i’m only 18!!!

    • ANSWER:

    High-pitched ringing in ears..from what and how to heal?
    About 4 days ago I woke up one morning with ringing in my ears. I didn’t have the ringing when I went to bed the night before and there were no loud noises during that night.

    Ever since then the ringing has not stopped. If I cover my hands to both ears I can hear the ringing.
    I can also hear bizarre things, like the high pitched sound of my bathroom light when it’s turned on or the electricity running through my computer monitor.
    It’s as if whatever I hear between 16khz-18khz gets exaggeratedly high. For the first day after I got the ringing even the PA announcer on the tram to work hurt my ears and gave me a slight headache…now it hurts a good deal less.

    What on earth is going on and how can I fix this? For the record, I don’t have a stuffy nose or any obvious “sinus” symptoms. I sure hope this is not Tinnitus: were are only 28 and only go to loud clubs or live venues about once a month or less for one hour or less at a time.

    As if this were not weird enough, this afternoon my girlfriend got the same thing. I would think maybe my motorcycle caused this (engine noise, even though I wear a helmet)…but she mysteriously got it about 5 days after we last rode on the motorcycle.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s tinnitus. Cause is unknown as is a cure. I have it recuring frequently. You just learn to ignore it, like ignoring the sound of traffic.

    Ringing In ears After Loud Concert…Need Good Advice…Any Similar Experiences? ?
    I am a 19 year old male who attended a concert on dec 19 which was fri night. Once I got to the concert I realized i had forgotten my ear plugs and it was too late to head back and get them. The concert was extremely loud and I knew i was going to pay with ringing ears. I have only been to one other concert where my ears rang but it went after about a day. The day after the concert the ringing was still pretty persistent but my hearing was not muffled. The second day the ringing had went down a lot and my hearing is 100%. I was having a pretty positive attitude after the first day thinking that upon waking up on the third day that all would be good. But when I woke up I still had very faint ringing in both ears. I have not had any pain in my ears and all of my hearing is completely there and normal. Will this ringing eventually die out? Is it taking longer because of how loud the show was and how long it was as well ( I was there for 4 hours)? I dont notice the ringing when doing everyday activity. I only do when I am sleeping or in a very very quiet room. I am hoping that this will eventually fade out but I am seeking some good advice.

    Again, the ringing has become very very faint after two days but is still noticeable when sleeping or in quiet areas. Thanks again!

    • ANSWER:
      Yea this will die out soon enough, the tiny little hairs in your ear that detect and seperate diffirent sounds are probably just a little worn out from the overload they were given, the ringing you hear is actually certain tones still being picked up from the concert.

    Flash of light, ringing ears, unable to move. What happened?
    I’m asking this question in R&S because this is the most populated and I’m wanting to get as many answers as possible.
    This morning when I was sleeping. I remember dreaming about something. Then it feels like I was partially aware and was half asleep and awake. I saw kind of like a flash followed by a ringing in my ears and tingling through my body. I was trying to wake up fully but I couldn’t. Felt like I was paralyzed. This lasted for around 5-10 seconds at which point my wife shook me and said “hey” a couple times. She said I was shaking/vibrating and breathing heavily. I have never experienced this before. Could it have been a seizure of some kind? I have no history of seizures in my family. I’m 23 years old. Thanks for the help.

    • ANSWER:
      Sleep paralysis.

      Pretty common actually and most people outgrow it.

      At any rate it is harmless. The conscious mind simply wakes up before the body does.

      Love and blessings don

    almost impossible to wake up?
    My husband is extremely hard to wake up in the mornings. If he could he would be able to easily sleep 16 hours. He gets the normal 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Even if he goes to bed earlier he still is hard to wake up. I can shake him, yell his name, putting a ringing phone up to his ear, and he barely budges. We have tried him sleeping on the couch, getting the loudest alarm available, getting more sleep, less sleep. Nothing seems to work. Any advice? Also, he will talk to you in his sleep when you try and wake him, sometimes even saying nasty things, mostly he talks about work.
    He does have a poor diet. He eats alot of fast food, smokes, and drinks pop all day. He is physically on the outside in great shape…

    • ANSWER:
      If he’s sleep talking, his body could be having extreme difficulty getting into the really deep stage of sleep for a long enough time to feel really rested by morning. Has he tried sleeping pills? It may sound counterintuitive, but 8 or 9 solid hours of sleeping pill sleep might help him wake up feeling more refreshed, if he’s having problems getting sufficient REM stage sleep.

      He could also have a hormone imbalance, poor diet, or be depressed. These conditions can all lead to difficulties waking up in the morning. He might be drinking too much caffeine and getting poor quality sleep. I know when I changed to strictly water for fluid intake, I felt much more lively during the daytime.

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